Slice of my Life gone!

26 Mar

I remember the first time when I had seen my home, it was way back in 2007 July. I was standing at the balcony and enjoying the uninterrupted view and the breeze. “This is it!” I tell my husband. We bought it without any second thoughts. In my heart I knew I had found ‘My Home’. Fast forward 2 and a half years and here I am standing with my baby on the same balcony enjoying the more interrupted view and slightly polluted breeze.  But we still love it, don’t we Mimi!  What makes my home perfect? Well, both my hubby and I spent endless hours trying to make each part of this house seem like just us. So when you enter my home, you would see a lot of beautiful things because I love beautiful things which including paintings, sculptures, souvenir et al. and you would see books, lots  of them which are my husband’s second love  ( blush blush… I am the first).  He was very clear that the house had  to bear a sober look knowing my penchant for shimmer and glamour. So we took the middle way where our home bears a sober, mellowed down look overall with a dash of color and splash of shimmer here and there.

Now here I am utterly confused about how am I going to move everything out of my home and clean it up for tenants-to-be. Okay, rewinding a little, we are moving countries now – tentatively forever.  A new job and a new place for all of us – the exciting bit, moving, transitioning – the tedious bit. So after a lot of discussion ( read, bickering) we have decided to put up our place for rent. As a part of this process, we need to move our personal belongings( read, give it away) to make room for the new people.  Some relatives would be taking the beds, some something else. As this lovely abode of ours is getting stripped off its parts that makes it what it is, I feel a slice of my life going away with all them. This has left me thinking, as they end up in different places, will they still hold our essence?  Will they still tell our story? Or will they mould into the personalities of their new owners? Its is so painful to see these parts of my life going away forever. It feels like a harmonious breakup, yet so painful. How will I move on? Move on so easy to say , so difficult in practice.  All that beautiful china that I had so cherished, the beautiful Buddha statues from Thailand, the bookcase from a heritage store, the perfect wine glasses, how will I ever gather all these memorabilia again? In fact it feels like such a tiring process to do so ever again. Will I even feel as excited to pick out each detail of my new home like the first time?  The first time I had all the time and this time around, with a baby in the tow it is not going to be the same.

I feel, your first home is like your first love. You give in your everything because thats your first and the chemistry can never be the same with your second or consecutives homes. ” This home is going to be special for me because it ushered it all the good times and good luck”, I say, to which my hubby says,” A home is a home, because of the people in it and its upto the people in that home to bring in good times ! A house just stands witness to it!”

Thats left me wondering… So true, so true!!

3 Responses to “Slice of my Life gone!”

  1. anubha July 31, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    hey! i really look forward to ur posts anita…2 tell u, m so touched after reading this post yaar…keep writing 🙂

    • IContemplate August 23, 2010 at 9:48 am #

      Thanks Anubha! Your comments keep me motivated!

  2. Buls November 14, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Sigh!!! Couldn’t you have taken everything to a new house? It is like old photographs… they help relive memories and when we lose them… they cannot be replaced.

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