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23 May

As Ananthnarayani slumbered lazily on her more than comfortable couch, her mind was far from being rested. She was thinking of the times before she had got married. Her name, however retro it sounded, had nothing to do with the carefree times she had spent during her college days. She believed in being free and always fought for her space. Coming from a large family of six siblings, space was something that wasn’t something she could take for granted.  Her siblings were a inquisitive lot and always wanted to invade her privacy and her space. She tried to guard herself fiercely and would not let them take her space for granted. Its then during those formative years she made a solemn promise to herself that she would marry somebody who respected her space and in turn she would his. Then she met Nischay through a common friend and a good friendship turned to love and now companionship for life. She felt at that time, she was in a good place in life. Nischay was everything she had hoped for in her life partner. Somebody who knew how to indulge her and at the same time knew where to draw the line.  After a few years into their marriage they were ready to have a baby in their life and so here she was, a good eight months into her pregnant life. Continue reading

I want to die eating!

15 May

“Eat me!!” ,”Buy me!!” shout at me all the wonderful colored packets of eats and savouries at the super market aisle.  But I ignore them to continue at the vegetable section to buy my favourite veggies and then to the magazine counter to buy my copy of Vogue featuring Deepika Padakone.  I have taken to try this new diet oops eating pattern from a book that I recently read by Rujuta Diwekar. This is called ” Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”.  I have been on it for the past four days now and I feel great. I don’t feel deprived, starved or malnutrition.  I feel good, my mood’s great and I know something good is happening in here. Continue reading

Perfecting Perfection

9 May

On this Sunday, I  realized I had this sheepish grin on my face for half of the day.  What was the reason you might ask? There are dozens and one of them being a beautiful cloudy Sunday. A perfect day. Perfect days inspire you to do things, things that otherwise seem tedious, boring, funny, silly to outright ridiculous.  On this inspiring Sunday, I choose to write about all the perfect things in my life. Continue reading

Some Things Do Not Remain the Same

2 May

I have this very sweet friend. An incidental friend you may call him. When I met him first, I had a huge crush on him but he happened to my friend’s boyfriend so I let it be. Never believed in encroaching somebody else’s territory. He still remained a good-to-talk-to friend. When we moved away from each other to different cities, we remained in touch through emails. After series of break-ups and link-ups, we still happened to be good friends, narrating to each other our trials and tribulations. But it had been good seven years that we had actually spoken to each other. In our minds, we had the same image of the girl/boy we left back in the city we had first met. He was the very handsome, very charming, very smart, boy-next-door and that is the picture I still carried in my head. I am pretty sure, he does the same thing about me. So in all these years, he always occupied a little bit of my mind space unconsciously. Continue reading

Inside a Housewife’s Head

1 May

I have’nt been to work ( I worked as a Business Consultant- Supply Chain Management) since the last 14 months now and dont plan to do so for another 8-10 months. By the time I start searching for a job and start going to work, it would be more than 30 months. No, it doesnt worry me that my CV would not look impressing with that gaping hole in between and it does not worry me that I would probably have to start from the stratch. Taking a balanced view of things, I know for a fact that the trade – off has been the correct one and most importantly it was something that I chose. I have chosen this life where my priority right now is my infant daughter. Continue reading

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