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A pure spirit

22 Jul

This lady writes gold. I mean, how can you express all that you ¬†feel so aptly. I can’t, for sure. She is truly a revelation.


Mum of 3 girls.

Check this out. I loved it.

Instruments of Change

15 Jul

I have always maintained that without the people in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. People influence me the most and my tiny impressionable mind takes it all, mouth agape, dutifully imbibing all the wonderous experiences. Unquestioningly, that too.

Two weeks back I went to the city center in Manama and there were these life-size posters of Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem ( Btw Javier Bardem married Penelope Cruz and I think they are smoking hot individually and as a couple) telling people, EAT PRAY LOVE was coming to town. I jumped with joy because that has been my favourite book for a long time now. Musing about it the whole day I realized what a beautiful part this one book had played in my life. Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiographical venture had changed my life in so many ways. That train of thought took me to many other things that I am going to write about just now.

So this post is dedicated to all those wonderful gifts/items that have played a pivotal role in my opinion, in changing some part of my life. And this is in no particular order Continue reading

Go Out There!

7 Jul

I am back to square one.

A few posts back, I complained about not able to find my calling. For a moment I thought motherhood is my calling and there is no other job fulfilling than this one. But I realize in bigger scheme of things motherhood is one of those basic things that happen to you just like marriage. Ofcourse I put motherhood at a higher pedestal than that. I would say it’s as important or even more important than marriage. But nobody in their right minds would ever say that their ‘Calling’ is Marriage! Or do they? Well, I haven’t met any one as yet saying so. So I take it that ( after a lot of pondering) that motherhood like marriage cannot be one’s calling. It  is definitely one of those things that you do because you have to do it, because you want to do it and ofcourse its ‘one’ of the things that defines you for the rest of your life. Yet again, it is not my calling. To do my bit in justifying this statement I just made, I would say, I love being a mother. Yet again, it is not my ONLY calling. Continue reading

Moments of Joy

1 Jul

The idea for this post has been in my head for a long time now. But to put it in words was a task.

This is what I do.

When I am deeply enjoying a moment I try to freeze the frame so that I can bring it back later when I want to consciously think about it and enjoy it once again. These are not life defining moments that I frame but moments that find so perfect in its ordinariness that I want it to stay with me forever. We all do this but then when I ask people about it they do not consciously freeze that moment to think about it later. It is an automatic process for them and these memories come back to them in flashes. randomly.

My memories have nothing that I can learn from or teach others. They are simply joyous in nature and so selfishly contained that it is practically impossible to share that joy with anyone. Continue reading

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