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When will I be ready to be a Parent?

31 Aug

Before anyone gets any ideas, I would like to make one thing clear, that the target audience for this post does not include me at all. I have a 11 month old baby and have my hands full at the moment. This post is particularly directed towards my friends who constantly ask me how I knew I was ready for this herculean commitment.

This is one question, each one of you who has been married for over 3 years will ask yourself from time to time. Before I had Mimi, I was too busy with a demanding husband ( sorry, Amit!  But you know it is true!!), my career, my work out routines, my marathon running aspirations, my friends, travelling and all that jazz. The pressure to have a baby started building up once we completed 3 years of our blissful married life. At every social event, family get together and at general chit-chat rounds with colleagues in office, the baby question kept propping up. The more people pressured, questioned and even doubted, more I grew resilient and cold.  In the beginning I kept giving them various answers such as we are thinking about it, we are not ready, there is still a lot of time etc. But soon I got tired of these question and answer sessions and started to draw long silences whenever I was asked about this. This clearly meant to my perpetrator that he/she was crossing a line and it was clearly none of his/her business. Continue reading

Happy Feet

26 Aug

She came, She saw, She Conquered!!

26 Aug

My baby is growing up and one day if she ever reads this blog I would like her to know how her every little detail matters so much to me. If it were possible, I would have documented second by second of it all! Well, this particular post is about an achievement. Her achievement.  In the last few weeks her naughtiness level has inched a few notches higher and this is the latest.

The rampage began thus

War zone 1

Then she moved to the next target.

War Zone -2

Then she spotted something on the bed which  she wanted badly. Never before has she attempted this. There was a look of conviction in her eyes. But the moment she caught sight of me with the camera that looked changed into a sheepish grin.

Its just the beginning...

Thereafter she did something totally unexpected…





Back to work!!!

So this was the first time she climbed the bed and her only motivation to do that being the box of tissues! After that she climbed up and down several time and she had that look of accomplishment in her eyes. It was as if she wanted me to acknowledge the fact that she did something new, something she hadn’t done before! So this post is dedicated to the “look of accomplishment” and many more that I am eager witness, and be a part of.

Qatar Chronicles -IV

25 Aug

Once you are in Doha, you’d realize that life is crippled without personal mode of transport. The local taxis charge you through the roof and public transport is next to non-existent. At times like these, I feel blessed to be born in India as the autos, cycle rickshaws and taxis at your beck and call make life so easy. But Indians have their own wonderfully-Desi way of getting around in any part of the world.  The word “Juggad” should definitely find its way in the Oxford Dictionary because it is definitely a way of life for us Desis. Not willing to part with more money and getting by with whatever we have is our speciality. I do not mean this in a condescending way but I amply appreciate this quality for I am one of them. Why this entire discourse on Desipana? Continue reading

Qatar Chronicles -III

25 Aug

Ramadan Kareem!

This is the holy month of Ramadan and it is an experience to be in this part of the world during Ramzaan. It started on the 9th of August and will go on till it is Eid. The entire month Muslims fast the whole day ( without food and water) and eat their first morsel after sundown. Children as young as 10 years also fast with the adults. The feast that they have after sun down is called Iftar and revelry continues well into midnight. Some of them get up early in the morning to have some food before sun rise. This continues for 40 days and if you ask me, it is definitely a task. The fascinating thing about Ramzaan is the spirit with which it is done, especially in the middle east. They have hoardings and notices all over the city strictly forbidding every one ( including non- muslims) to eat or drink in public during the day. In places like Saudia Arabia, it is a punishable offence. Even in offices, non – muslims cannot have their lunch or breakfast or any meal, even water. To make it a little better, they ask you leave early by 2:30 pm so that you can have your meal at home. All the restaurants remain close during the day and open only at night after 7 pm. They continue to remain open well into the night, till about 2 or 4 a.m. The funny thing is, when you go to a supermarket to buy grocery, you’d find the shelves empty. It feels like people hoard food during this time and inspite of remaining closed during the day, restaurants do a thriving business at night. Continue reading

Qatar Chronicles-II

24 Aug

Certain houses have a quality about them, that no matter how much you try to clean and scrub, they still manage to look dirty and unkempt. We lived in such a house in Doha. In the old part of Doha. For the uninitiated, Friday and Saturday are considered weekend in this part of the world.  Sunday is the first day of the working week. Even now it feels funny to get up early in the morning on a Sunday, when for 30 years of my life Sunday was ‘A Holiday’. But good thing about Sunday is its house-keeping day. Man! those  guys came, they saw and they conquered leaving the place spick and span. I felt like a total loser trying all the other 5 days doing a shoddy job of a cleaning process. Clean smelling rooms and linens give me a big high! Continue reading

Qatar Chronicles -I

23 Aug

I am back in town! Not to paint it red but to encapsulate the Doha trip in this post. I had little expectations from this trip because I was told by all the people who I know in Bahrain that Qatar was a sad little place with practically no life. But “hello people!”, I beg to differ. I think Qatar is quite happening, really it is. No, I did not hit any night clubs or lounges ( there are just a handful of them) to make my weekends exciting nor did I have to shop like crazy to make it seem productive. This is how we ( Amit, Mimi & me) spent our time in Qatar for four weeks. Continue reading

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