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Restaurant Review Project 5- Lanterns

9 Dec

I haven’t been more unexcited about writing a review before. This is the fifth and the final Restaurant Review until 2011. I wanted it be atleast decent and so we made a safe choice by choosing ‘Lanterns’. I had heard rave reviews about this desi joint long before I even embarked on the Restaurant Review Project. I even found out that Lanterns had been awarded the “Best Indian Restaurant” by the Citibank FACT Awards. Continue reading

‘Mixed Bag’ Week

5 Dec

This is my last post  for my weekly updates until the New Year. Wow! How quickly the year passed. My head starts to spin when I even try to recount my experiences. How my life has done a 360 degree flip in  an another dimension. On the whole, I would like to give myself a pat on my back for having survived it all and come out of it graciously. I have always felt that I keep beating myself up where I should have given enough credit. But by adopting the philosophy of “Taking one day, at a time” has made me realize that I have indeed grown as  a person, metamorphosed into something ( beautiful or not, I am still unsure) and I am plodding ahead with a lot of enthusiasm. Taking account of what I do, did or will do and writing it down, like I am doing right now has definitely helped. So here’s wishing my lovely blog and its wonderful readers a wonderful NEW YEAR in advance.  I do have a restaurant review pending  which shall be up and about by Wednesday. Continue reading

My Old Lover- Rehashed

4 Dec

I thought I was over him. I thought it was a done deal. We had parted ways. Quietly.

I thought my loyalties were divided now. He did not have any more to give.  The relationship dragged and then died a natural death.

Until I came across him on twitter. Curious, I decided to follow  him.  It was then I realized that I still was as fond of him as I was ever before. He charmed me again and again with his witty little stories, anecdotes and most importantly, lessons of life. He taught me not only  to learn from other people’s mistakes but also to make my own. He taught how important it is follow your dream and to follow your heart. ( though am still lost in that area)!

This is why I have fallen in love with him all over again. Continue reading

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