The Almost Perfect Week- II

11 Feb

There was so much that happened last week, that I started writing as soon as it ended. But life caught up and it was in my drafts for days together. In between I would just add a photo or two.

So like I told you in my earlier post that I had a Brunch and it went very well. You can tell!

Apart from that we did some sight seeing around Bahrain. We visited the Bahrain fort. It seemed to me, like the only place where I would like to go back again on a better day. It was really cold that day. The winds lashed at us as we posed for photographs.

This site has be declared as the UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. It is a good kilometer and a half walk around the fort. Makes for a great day out with family and friends. Sunsets, am sure would be lovely around here.

Bahrain Fort



We also went to the adjoining Museum.

Dilmun era coins

My husband is fascinated with all things historical so he had a good time at the Museum whilst I kept Mimi busy

Doing her thing at the museum

From the museum we went to Ansar Gallery – one of the many hyper markets here. Every week I try a new one ,not for any comparison study of prices, but to understand which one gives me a better shopping experience.  I might do a post on that too, if I feel inspired. Ansar Gallery had a kids play area with rides and stuff, so Mimi tried some without any excitment though.

Being a pilot is not quite her thing

Papa teaching Mimi to Drive

With each trip to a new Super market, I fill up my larder with new ingredients that I can experiment with, while baking. This time around I bought some silicon cupcake holders. They look so lovely with their vibrant colors and shapes. And I can ease my conscience as I don’t have to throw away all those gorgeous paper cup cake liners. I can reserve them for special ocassions.

Apart from that I have started this hilarious book “Dork”. It took me back to my placement day, the tension, the irony of it all, the first day at the job, the mundanity. All of it. It’s a must read for all those with the Engg+MBA+Corporate combination. Others can read too, it is really funny.

So it has been almost perfect, this week. Family has been happy, spent some great time with friends, managed some me- time too but would like to improve upon it by increasing my gym time. Blogging and Baking were posing a real threat by trying to consume me. This obssessive fire stirred by the artsy food bloggers all over the world almost made me – the real me non – existent. So I just took a pause, sat back and reflected. I told these alter egos, please be nice to the other me s. They all want to survive, to do well. So I took the BnB out and made them separate entities. They shall be given only so much attention, as they deserve.

So all is fine in my world. Until next week. Bye you all.

2 Responses to “The Almost Perfect Week- II”

  1. Buls February 11, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    Nice post…I am so J… I have been looking for the cup cake holders in all the hypermarkets and been unsuccessful


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