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Spinach and Mushroom scrambled eggs

27 Sep

I have no agenda today.

No stories to share.

Just a simple spinach and mushroom egg scramble  recipe which is the answer to the ‘rumbly in my tumbly’ on most days.

The most I do is to add a few more vegetables that I fancy on certain days or which seem to be lurking in the corners of my vegetable tray, never getting used.

The seasoning is something I do not mess with. I like to stick to the basics – salt and pepper. Only.

The preparation takes 10 minutes which includes the rough chopping of vegetables – onions, spinach and mushrooms & beating of the eggs.  The next 5 minutes is all about witnessing the scrambled goodness come together.

These pictures are from our visit to Nice. We chose service apartments for the access they provide to little kitchenettes. It is important when you travel with a toddler. They need they regular grub once a while. I made this scrambled eggs with vegetables more than once which turned out to be one of the many fulfilling meals on our trip to France.

So here is the story in pictures + a recipe card that tells you (unnecessarily) what you need to do to make this dish.






 It is yummy and it is quick to whip up.  Take it from me, you will be making this every other day tweaking it to your taste buds.

MSE8 (2)

Mimi’s chocolate cupcakes w chocolate ganache & her favourite sunny spot

20 Sep

Though the summer holidays are long gone, it would unfair, if I didn’t do post on Mimi’s baking projects. The blueberry swirl cheese cake,  ginger -orange cookies (whose pictures I do not have), Mimi -special marshmallow brownies and these chocolate cupcakes have been Mimi’s baking trysts. From an objective standpoint, I have to say, she is quite good and loves to get her hands dirty with flour, sugar, butter trio. It is a joy to see my 4 -year-old taking interest in baking. It makes baking extra special.


There are many things that Mimi says which don’t register at that precise moment. Several days or even months later, an epiphany would come and with it such clarity.  Mimi stopped going to school long before the term was actually over. Probably that school wasn’t right for her. Anyhow, the moot point being Mimi spent a lot of time home being pampered silly by her nanny ( when I was away at work) and by us (  when my hubby and I got back home from work).  Not going to school had in no way stopped Mimi from learning new things, tricks and tactics. It is amazing how children are learning continuously without really being aware of the process. Somehow, it is us, the smart adults who think we know everything, thereby stalling the glorious process of learning.

CM5While she was at home, Mimi threw herself wholeheartedly into the solving her puzzles; starting from 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 50 pieces and now 100 pieces.  This was her main activity during the day, from there on she would do some reading, pretend played with her stuffed animals, a tea party in the afternoon with her stuffed animals again, rode her bicycle in the house ( scaring the nanny by whizzing past her at lightning speed) and then finally waiting for us to come home from work. She would then run to us, all excited and happy and cling around my husband’s neck persuading him to take her swimming. On most days, she would already be in her swim wear eagerly looking at the door.  Weekends were mostly about spending time playing and reading. At times we baked together and quite recently, Mimi has been baking all by herself. She took my help only to measure her ingredients. Otherwise she was handling her show quite confidently.


The chocolate cupcakes and the marshmallow brownies were completely her baked treats. They were scrumptious and delightful.  I helped her melt the chocolate in the microwave and then finally pushed the cupcake tins into the oven.


I have observed her enjoying the mixing and adding of ingredients. At times, she even tasted the batter and nodded her little head in approval. The batter -test is something that she is used to as I would always let her have a lick of the batter whenever I baked. Her reaction to the taste of the batter gave me a heads up about the end product.


During this cupcake baking session, as I stood and watched her from a distance, she looked back and smiled at me. I smiled and gestured to her, if she needed some help. She immediately said, “No mamma, I can do this all by myself.” I beamed for I was a proud mamma of an ferociously independent 4 -year-old. Then she looked at me and I knew  a question was coming my way. She asked me,

“What is your favourite sunny spot , mamma?”

In that moment, I took some time to understand her question and then remembered feeling stumped. I did not have an answer. She continued with the buttering of the cupcake liners and then said, ” Mamma, cupcake is my favourite sunny spot.” That is when I understood what she meant by  a ‘ favourite sunny spot’.


I pushed it to the back of my mind and it did not come up until the day I was at sitting the porch of my parents home (India, Kerala), sipping on a late afternoon tea and watching the thick sheets of rain pouring around me. It was a moment perfect because of its stillness. There was nothing preceding or succeeding. Just a thought- less few minutes of listening to the rain falling on the roof and on the plants. A moment where I wasn’t thinking, analyzing or guessing. Only listening. And then I remembered Mimi’s question and now I knew the answer to that.

This was my favourite sunny spot. A moment of perfect stillness. Nothing to cloud my vision except for the blanket of rain drops falling from the skies. Ironically, it wasn’t sunny. Far from it.  But this was decidedly my favourite sunny spot – on my parents’ porch, sipping my warm tea, watching the rain. I called out to Mimi, who was busy watching “Chotta Bheem” on the telly. She came out to the porch, slightly annoyed with the sudden interruption.

“What is it, mamma?”, Mimi inquired.

“Mimi, this is my favourite sunny spot!” , I replied. She looked at me quizzically and then took off to continue to watch Chotta Bheem.


“As for the cupcake recipe, this is the same as Nigella’s old fashioned chocolate cake that we baked as cupcakes. The only difference was the batter was poured into cupcake liners to fill them to 3/4 so as to not let it overflow when they are baking. We baked it at 180 C /350 F for 15-20 minutes until the top feels firm. For the  dark chocolate ganache – 

150ml cream

200g chopped dark chocolate

Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Set aside. Bring the cream to just below boiling point in a small saucepan. Remove from the heat, then add the melted chocolate and stir until smooth. Allow to cool until thick but still pouring consistency.”

It is as simple as it gets but like all of Nigella’s recipes, these cupcakes are big on taste.

For Mimi, baking these chocolate cupcakes meant being in her favourite sunny spot and for me it was that exquisite moment of watching the thundering rain.

What is your favourite sunny spot?

Apple turnovers and some thoughts

9 Sep

I remember words of a certain someone who told that it takes untold grief to shake us up, to find a purpose, to find the courage to pursue the purpose and to find ourselves.

These words resonate today as I sit by my mother’s side, helping her recuperate from a freak road accident. She was hit by a biker though she was only standing on the side of the road. When I saw my rattled father and a severely bruised mother in the hospital, I can’t really express the medley of powerful emotions I felt. I was lucky to get a plane ticket to travel the same day. It shook me up to see the pillars of my strength and courage, completely nervous about the current happenings. Apart from the trauma that my mother was going through, I felt my father was feeling extremely nervous and was more than glad to have us ( my brother, me and my daughter) around him for all the support we could give.


In these last 2 weeks of my stay with my parents has provided me time to think over a lot of important things.  The only thing that rings in my head all the time is that life is so fickle. Anything can happen to anyone however careful or cautious. Every moment in life is a now or never moment, if we choose to think about it. Opportunities are out there for us to grab and make most of it but at the same time its important to keep perspective of what is important. This bonus time that I have had while my mother is convalescing is pushing me to take a few decisions that I have been postponing for quite some time. These decisions are being backed by well laid plans and as and when these materialize, I shall put them up as updates on the blog.

 But its ironical that life stirring incidents such as these grab us unawares and make us think about what is important in life.


I haven’t been baking or cooking much these days at my parents home in Kerala but I had a few recipes that hadn’t talked about yet on this blog. These have been photographed for a many weeks now but because of my crazy professional life in Bahrain, I haven’t had the time to post about them. Apple turnovers-Such a simple yet pleasing snack for a lazy Saturday evening tea. I didn’t make the pastry sheets from the scratch and I don’t think I will ever because of the effort that goes into making them.  I had a some green apples on me that needed to be used soon and I couldn’t think of a better way to consume them.


I don’t feel like writing anymore for some reason. Feels like words are not in the mood today.

So here’s the recipe.

recipe at

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