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The Almost Perfect Week- II

11 Feb

There was so much that happened last week, that I started writing as soon as it ended. But life caught up and it was in my drafts for days together. In between I would just add a photo or two.

So like I told you in my earlier post that I had a Brunch and it went very well. You can tell!

Apart from that we did some sight seeing around Bahrain. We visited the Bahrain fort. It seemed to me, like the only place where I would like to go back again on a better day. It was really cold that day. The winds lashed at us as we posed for photographs.

This site has be declared as the UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. It is a good kilometer and a half walk around the fort. Makes for a great day out with family and friends. Sunsets, am sure would be lovely around here. Continue reading

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