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{Breakfast Banter} New York Coffee : Restaurant Review

29 Mar

It is no secret how much I adore this first meal of the day. Breakfast was and shall remain the single most important meal for me. I plan my breakfast carefully and take time to enjoy my breakfast, however meagre  because that sets the mood for the rest of the day. Weekend breakfasts are even more important because that is the time I take out to spend with the family while having my favourite meal of the day. For this very reason, I was extremely excited to visit the New York Coffee outlet with my family at The Walk in Riffa. To begin with, I have to say, this newish New York Coffee outlet is impressive – full of sunshine, large, spacious, and airy – it gives you a feeling of a relaxed setting.



Within one quick glance several things caught my eye with regards to the decor. Modern and contemporary with an easy vibe is how I can describe the decor of the cafe. I was overcome with a sudden urge to sit down with my laptop and start writing a new novel or a blog post such as this whilst enjoying a nice cup of cappuccino. My thoughts were interrupted by the cheerful staff at the Cafe who welcomed me with great enthusiasm. The smiling server explained to us our breakfast and brunch options and also made explicit mentions of the offers of the day. We settled for a sumptuous American breakfast and an omelette (my way) while my daughter ordered for a sugary crepe along with a carrot cake.

photo (22)

While our orders were being prepared in the kitchen, I took the opportunity to walk around the cafe. They have a small outdoor seating area which was dappled in the mid – morning sun. I also loitered around the shelves that housed different coffee and tea selections. The aroma of coffee was so inviting that I was half tempted to ask for an espresso instead of the orange juice I had ordered.

photo (21)


I also happened to have a quick chat the General Manager of the outlet who filled me in with all the details about the outlet.  The New York Coffee outlet at the Walk in Riffa is open 24 hours. I was also told that it is the only coffee outlet in Bahrain that roasts and grinds their own coffee locally. Armed with this interesting trivia, I went back to my seat as the server had brought our piping, hot breakfast.

My husband had the omelette (my way) with brown toast and a large glass of fresh orange juice. He was enjoying his breakfast so much that I did not feel like interrupting him to ask how he found the fare. My daughter tucked into her sugary crepe on which there was  a pool of melted butter. Light and mildly sweet, the crepe was just perfect.  As for my breakfast platter – two fried eggs (runny), chicken sausages, salad, brown toast and fresh orange juice – was sumptuous!  I have an aversion towards sausages but these were done so well that they seemed like a treat. Later when my husband finished his breakfast and was sipping his orange juice he mentioned that he wouldn’t mind coming in here for this very plate of omelette every weekend. My daughter enjoyed her slice of the carrot cake mumbling “mmmm, mmmm” in between. That itself was a good indicator of how much she was enjoying her treat.



photo (19)

photo (24)

photo (27)


Finally, when we were patting our warm bellies the server asked us to try their special drink. We couldn’t fathom eating or drinking anything more but he insisted and we thought ‘why not! It’s the weekend!” . He brought in two icy-looking drinks called Honey dew and Mango -tango. While placing these drinks, the server informed that these drinks are special because they are ‘low cal. In my experience, I know of many drinks that are supposedly low cal but are full of sugar. So I challenged him, “ How low?”  ”

“Only 7 cals!!“, he replied

That was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it. We went to the counter and he showed me his premix and described to me the method of preparation and I realized it was true. I enjoyed my drink with a greater gusto. The honey-dew was refreshing and I have a feeling its is going to be hugely popular this summer. 

photo (25)

All in all, it was a wonderful morning spent savouring one gastronomic delight after the other. Bahrain!! Chuck your usual breakfast dos and go to New York Coffee. I dare say, you won’t regret it!

*This is a sponsored post but all the views and opinions expressed are my own.

The Breakfast Post – Poached eggs in baked beans

26 Oct

A few days back I tweeted about my love for breakfasts.

Twitter (1)

It indeed is the most important meal for me and that love has been sown and nurtured by my mother who made sure we had amazing home-made breakfast on our table every day. I looked back to my archives and found what little love I have actually shown through my blog posts – very few breakfast recipes that showcase not even an ounce of what this meal of the day means to me.


So to bring that a balance back I thought I really need to put out some breakfast dishes that are not only easy to put together but also sumptuous. Most of the times, you will notice that eggs feature prominently. That is because I LOVE EGGS. I find that they are filling, tasty and oh-so versatile to use.


This egg recipe is the easiest of them all and can be whipped up in no time. I didn’t bother with making the baked beans from the scratch. Breakfast preparation is a hurried affair and there’s only time to flip open a can and pour the contents out on certain days. Not the method I usually prefer but at times I do pick convenience over ideology [ about eating healthy, less sugar, less salt, less processed food and all that]

It also struck me that I want as many breakfast recipes I can lay my hands on. Especially the tried and the tested ones. So I call out to all the foodies and breakfast lovers to share their recipes either as  a guest post on my blog or on your own  blog with a link back or simply a recipe or even a photograph depicting why they love breakfast and what breakfast means to them.



Grab a badge and tell me all your breakfast stories which may be laced with memories old and new. How a certain kind of breakfast brings out the best in you for the rest of the day.  Hope to hear from all the breakfast lovers soon. You can email me your recipes  and pictures at dazzler29 [at] gmail [dot] com

Now back to the recipe.

This baked beans can be made as spicy or as sweet as you want it to be.  With crisp brown toast they are a match made in heaven.




In other news, I am on Instagram now and you can follow me at sliceofmylyfe. I am a late entrant no doubt but I am quite enjoying keeping in touch with all the other lovers of life in pictures. This late entry gives me the opportunity of going back to my older posts and life and enjoy those pictures once again. I hope you do too!

Here’s a sample!


Spinach and Mushroom scrambled eggs

27 Sep

I have no agenda today.

No stories to share.

Just a simple spinach and mushroom egg scramble  recipe which is the answer to the ‘rumbly in my tumbly’ on most days.

The most I do is to add a few more vegetables that I fancy on certain days or which seem to be lurking in the corners of my vegetable tray, never getting used.

The seasoning is something I do not mess with. I like to stick to the basics – salt and pepper. Only.

The preparation takes 10 minutes which includes the rough chopping of vegetables – onions, spinach and mushrooms & beating of the eggs.  The next 5 minutes is all about witnessing the scrambled goodness come together.

These pictures are from our visit to Nice. We chose service apartments for the access they provide to little kitchenettes. It is important when you travel with a toddler. They need they regular grub once a while. I made this scrambled eggs with vegetables more than once which turned out to be one of the many fulfilling meals on our trip to France.

So here is the story in pictures + a recipe card that tells you (unnecessarily) what you need to do to make this dish.






 It is yummy and it is quick to whip up.  Take it from me, you will be making this every other day tweaking it to your taste buds.

MSE8 (2)

Weight Loss Woes & Peppers Stuffed with Scrambled Eggs

24 Aug

I do not even know where to begin or how to begin. I am struggling for words to convey my utter stupidity and trust me it is not an easy task. Against all well- intentioned warnings, I embarked on a fasting project for the 3 weeks of Ramadan. With fellow Muslims who were fasting (for religious purposes ofcourse) it felt like this was opportunity I should avail myself. I had it easier because I did not shun water or coffee. Coffee killed my appetite for the short-haul and long hours of starving killed my appetite for good.  I came back home to have my only meal for the day with butter milk. Mostly these meals were vegetable stir fries with beans/lentils or Chicken. If for some reason, during the day if I felt my energy reserves sapping, I would indulge in a banana or an apple. I did this for 3 weeks and worked out on and off depending on whether I had the will power for it or not. Surprisingly, I did not feel weak at all. I felt quite energized and found that fasting kept my mind alert ( or maybe it was the black coffee that did the trick). The 3 weeks passed so quickly that it did not feel like a chore at all. It felt like an achievement for some strange reason; the knowledge that I could do without food for hours and hours and still not feel depressed was empowering. It weirdly felt right. Only the first 3 days of fasting seemed a bit difficult to tackle but after that it was really easy. Weekends were a bit relaxed but I still stuck to the 1 meal a day rule even over weekends.

Towards the beginning of the third week, I realized, I wasn’t losing any weight and on the contrary I had put on weight. A fact that was confirmed after a visit to the hospital during a random medical check up routine. I was really taken aback but not surprised ( to my surprise!!). It had to happen. Starvation lead my body to get into the famine mode and storing every bit that  was being consumed and in turn made me gain kilos. I have to admit it was depressing to say the least.

I thought Ramadan was the best time to experiment because most of the locals in office were fasting and food and water was banned anywhere around them as a way of being sensitive to their feelings. Food and water was allowed to expats in the pantry under conditions such as no aroma/smells should emanate from the food consumed in the pantry. This meant heating food in the pantry microwave wasn’t allowed until 2:30 pm. It was only after 2:30 pm that the expats were allowed food because that is when the locals were given the rest of the day off for the entire 30 days of Ramadan. Expats too could follow the suit but most often than not, we had to sit back to finish work. It wasn’t unfair, but it was a new way of working for me. My hubby had 2 years of experience behind him working during Ramadan. Generally speaking the work load is not that intense as most offices closed at 1 or 2 pm.

I digress.

The point of discussion here is against my better sense, I fasted for 3 weeks, my body got used to the new system and the result was I put on more weight inspite of eating healthy (most of the times) and fewer calories. I chose to put this up on my blog only to emphasize and re-emphasize, that starving doesn’t serve any purpose at all. Atleast for me it was an absolute failure considering the objective that I was hoping to achieve. Having said that, it felt like a torture to listen to a Bahraini colleague go on about the tonnes that she lost because of fasting. Guess it worked for her and not for me. My metabolism chugged slowly and probably came to a stop because of my stupid venture.

Since then I started eating more frequently, working out in a more disciplined fashion and making all attempts to rev up my metabolism. Hopefully, in a few weeks time I should be able to reverse the damage that I have done to my body and my system. No more of such moronic experiments for me, I have decided.

I began by eating my breakfast and I realized I wasn’t hungry for breakfasts at all and felt like throwing up whenever I had a bite or two. In order to whet my appetite ( or whatever was left of it), I tried making eggs in interesting ways. One such breakfast was a Peppers filled with Scrambled egg. It was scrumptious and was easy to wolf it down with it a glass of apple juice.

My system jolted to a start by recognizing good tasting food and since then it has been quite comfortable eating breakfast.

These Peppers are visually appealing and shout ‘ Healthy’ from a mile away. That is why I am so drawn to them. Growing up I hated them but over time I have started to love their taste and the freshness they bring to stir fries and salads. As for the scrambled eggs which were laced with mushrooms, herbs and tantalizing seasonings, they were most filling ( all the pun intended). The pepper cook slightly but their crunchiness  is retained which I believe is the highlight of the recipe. While making them I thought they would be tricky but with a friend’s help, I managed well. Served with warm wholemeal toast and some more scrambled eggs on the side, it was just the perfect start to my day.

I dedicate this healthy and delicious breakfast to one of my favourite food bloggers whose birthday it is tomorrow. Sangeeta, who ONLY blogs about healthy recipes and makes me feel like a culprit with my posts talking about only white flours, butter and sugar. She is a wonderful person with whom I have had the opportunity to interact at a personal level and I am so thankful that our food-laden paths crossed.

Happy Birthday Sangeeta! Wish you all the happiness and luck in this world. Much love!!




Restaurant Review Project 23 – Beyroute

20 Aug


We are nearing the end of our 5 day Eid holidays bonanza and my view has had a 360 degree flip. At the start of the holidays, I was feeling underwhelmed about not going for a mini-vacation outside this hot country. I gave many a hints to my hubby who adamantly refused to take any. Well, there’s a reason why he didn’t. It is because we are going on our annual leave towards the end of October. Disappointed, that all the people I know were making the most of this 5 day break by visiting the nearby countries, I didn’t feel there was much to look forward to. Anyone who has lived in Bahrain would know that entertainment options are very limited. Eating out and visiting friends (if any) are the only two options given the weather at this time of the year.

So for one of the dinners we went to one of the restaurants that we always meant to visit but never got around doing it. Beyroute – which is a Lebanese restaurant on Budaiya highway has been one such joint. Budaiya has been an area where some unrest has been reported time and again and for that reason we had missed visiting Beyroute. But being legendary ‘foodies’ we decided to brave all the unrest and finally ended up visiting Beyroute. Was it a food journey worth risking our lives for , if you would ask; perhaps not. But having said that it would be only fair to admit that some of the traditional dishes were exceptional.

olives, fava beans, hummous

Beyroute is beautiful to say the least. When you enter the vicinity, you would be struck by how beautifully it has been done. There is something deja-vu-ish about its interiors but not it in the cliched sort of way. It is has a calming effect on the mood which in my opinion is because of the right kind of lighting and colors. The walls are adorned by classic black and white photographs of old Beirut. The seating is wooden chairs and tables which were slightly uncomfortable after sometime. For any fine dining, in my view, requires comfortable seating because people who come to dine aren’t in to grab a meal on the go but to enjoy the full length of the meal, savoring the flavours, making conversations and essentially enjoying the whole dining experience. And comfortable seating is definitely one of the main factors that ensures that people remain seated rather than shift uncomfortably after 15 minutes of being seated. So that was definitely one glitch in the whole dining experience.

Now for the food.

Beyroute diners are given steamed/boiled fava beans  and brined olives on the house. This was my first time tasting fava beans and I loved them. Somewhere they reminded me of green peas but their texture and taste is milder and more filling.

For starters we ordered the customary hummous with bread which was devoured soon. The silken hummous was excellent being the finest I have tasted in recent times. Bread was fresh from the oven. We also ordered for watermelon juice which wasn’t fresh and was laden with sugar inspite of having told the server that sugar was a strict no-no. For the main course, we ordered our individual dishes.

The first being the Spinach Manakeesh  which was sumptuous and belly filling to say the least with the generous stuffing of spinach and cheese stuffed inside the flat bread.     For my vegetarian friend, Falafel is staple at all Arabic joints and Beyroute was no exception. We were served crispy and crunchy falafel with a not so charming dip and pickled, radish, turnips and carrots.

Lentil soup with crispy, fried bread, Crunchy falafel

Our hearts were warmed with a hearty lentil soup served with wedges of lime and crispy, chips-like deep fried pita bread on the side. Our appetites were more or less satiated after this and a batch of fresh fries with ketchup.

While ordering, we didn’t consider the portions and soon realized that we had over-ordered because we had Grilled hammour platter, Fattet Djei ( a chicken dish in a deep bowl) and Fried eggs in olive oil to finish.

Grilled hammour was delightful with the flesh grilled to perfection with soft and crumbly fish meat spiced just right served with a salad on the side and a lip smacking dip.

The Fattet Djei (chicken in a deep bowl) and spinach manakeesh (down)

The Fattet Djei was a let down or maybe our palette wasn’t used to such  bland Lebanese dish. It just felt like some warm yogurt with cooked chicken, crispy, deep fried pita bread and fava beans with absolutely zero seasoning. After a few spoonfuls it was left on the side, ignored and untouched.

The fried eggs were comfort food at its best and I had ordered that for my daughter who showed very little interest unfortunately. She was content munching on the steamed fava beans and sipping on the sugary watermelon juice.

hammour and fried eggs in olive oil (lebanese style)

It was a lot of food of which the fish and falafel had to be doggy bagged.  The total bill came to 20 BD for 3 people, which is moderate considering the amount of food we had ordered along with a watermelon juice and a large bottle of water.

The staff was polite and most considerate except in the case of the watermelon juice. For some reason, I felt reluctant about sending it back because somewhere I knew they would probably bring the same glass back ( just a hunch from extensive experience of eating out at numerous restaurants)

Happy to announce that Beyroute has been SLICED!!!

Our experience has been above average in all the departments concerning the ‘ Eating out” process at Beyroute. Would we come out of our way to dine here; well that remains to be seen. Right now, when I ask the dinner attendees if they would visit Beyroute again, the answers vary from a strict NO to maybe ( if someone else is paying).

Now for the verdict;

Food – 3/5

Service – 3/5

Ambience 3.5/5

Overall – 3/5

Beyroute would see better days if they changed their seating to something more comfortable, probably serve liquor and deliver more value by revamping their cuisine to do justice to all the money they’ve spent on their splendid decor.

This is my penultimate Restaurant Review and with the 24th review, I would conclude my Restaurant Review Project. It has been such an exciting and long ( long , long long ) food journey that has over shot all the expected timelines. Nevertheless, it has been the most amazing one.

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