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A Versatile Blogger Award- It Couldn’t Get Any Better

16 Mar

This year has been benevolent and has offered me so many opportunities to improve and grow. Recognition in any form is a motivator like no other. The gorgeous Cassandra of Foodmyfriend was so kind to bestow the Versatile blogger award to me. Thank you so much Cassandra for the award and the generous words that you wrote about me and my blog.

Cassandra’s posts are usually short ( unlike mine!!)  but fully convey her passion and love for cooking and baking. She shares the little tidbids from her life and that make for such a warm read. She also gives amazing pointers that I always keep in mind while baking something and they have always worked.


The rules require me to do three things – link back to the blog that gave them the award, list seven things about themselves and finally, give the award to five others.

Now about the 7 things about me:

1. I am a workaholic and that was the primary reason why I took a break after Mimi was born. Now that I am back to work, I try to not get into that addictive state of mind.

2. I do everything in extremes and do not understand the concept of the middle ground. Though consciously, for the past few years I am practising to be the balanced person that I hope to be. Some day.

3. I am a stickler for routine but pretend to be spontaneous

4. I hate peanut butter. #thereIsaidit

5. I cannot do without books and I have to read a little bit every single day.

6. I turned into a movie buff after meeting my husband. Otherwise I thought, watching movies was a waste of time.

7. I also thinking sleeping is a waste of time ( I know, seriously weird right??). I am restless and I have to be occupied with something at all times.

That was pretty simple; the  7 things about me, that you may have not known before!

Now for nominating the five wonderful bloggers that I love and I think are versatile.

1. La of Food Slice is a very dear friend to whom I often turn to for advice and general rant outside the blogging sphere. She is one of the most grounded people I have met in my life albeit virtually. I do want to meet her in real life and I am sure I will. I am sure it would be just like a Julia Child and Avis DeVito sort of moment, when we meet! I heart her style of writing and her traditional recipes.

2. Deepthi Rao of Naughty Curry – She is a gorgeous home baker and cook who shares her simple formulas to make some amazing treats. She masterfully whips up gravys and sauces which I find so useful. I have bookmarked them all. She loves to travel and has a very evocative style of writing which brings alive the scenes from her visits. I particularly enjoyed her post about her trip to the various must-visit places in Hyderabad.

3. Helene of Masala Herb – This Austrian expat lives in Goa with her hubby and knows so much about Indian food that it makes me hang my head in shame. Every post of hers is a revelation and packs so much that is useful. When she is not blogging and talking about food on twitter, she enjoys reading about medieval Europe and fine art. She runs a Portuguese restaurant in Goa and we have a pact that we would definitely meet when I make a visit to Goa. Hopefully soon.

4. Meenakshi of Masala Art – Her style of writing is what attracts me to her blog every single time. I hang on to every word that she writes because it is sure to make me laugh. Rarely do you find bloggers who have such a fantastic sense of humour and I would like to admit that I am addicted to her blog. She has varied interests which range from Fashion to movies to books and her Foodless Fridays are a must read.

5. Madhuri of Cook Curry Nook – I connected with Madhuri on twitter and terribly enjoy reading her tweets. The USP of her blog is that her bakes are eggless. She has a huge readership because of her straightforward style of writing and vegetarian delicacies. She is an architect by profession and teaches at design school. So she brings the same artistic sensibility to her cakes and bakes.

So that’s the inspiring list of bloggers and do hope you go to their blogs and appreciate the wonderful work that they do.

Its a New Beginning

10 Jan

Well, it feels nice to begin writing about the weekly updates again in this promising new year.

Happy New Year from Mimi

I love this picture of hers. Suddenly,  I feel she is all grown up, undestands me well when I speak to her. Though she still talks to me in her baby lingo, it has a lot of emotions,  thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I worry (esp. after my India trip, where everybody made a huge deal out of it) that she isn’t speaking so much. She still manages to say ‘tata’, ‘hi there’, ‘amma’. But when she calls out amma or mamma, I literally feel my heart melt. It is the single biggest joy in the world, hands down.

After the disastrous India trip, it is time to pick up threads from where I left ;- Continue reading

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