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Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary

25 Feb

This comes 2 days too late. I was so disappointed about why I didn’t plan it better. I flipped through many a books to see if I could do something spectacular for this day or run a giveaway but nothing materialized. I ranted on twitter and to all my friends who listened.

But ultimately I felt I could do a post without any food in it. It is allowed,isn’t it? My blog wouldn’t mind either, I am sure.


2 whole years of blogging, eating, feeding, baking, cooking, thinking, photographing and writing has been a mean adventure. I feel like my toddler of 29 months and this blog were the sole reasons why I maintained my sanity all this time. I realized so many new things about myself and met so many wonderful people – bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

On my blog anniversary when I was worrying about how I completely missed baking something incredible, I was actually walking a Walkathon for Cancer Awareness, here in Bahrain. It was so much fun and at the same time important. It meant this fantastic cause was supported by so many individuals and Corporate alike to fund treatment and research for Cancer. The walk happened early evening when there was a nip in the air but that did nothing to quell the excitement of the huge crowd that generously donated and walked their way to finish the 3.5 km mark.

This was the first time I had participated and I enjoyed it a lot.

I hope the next time there is a run so that would really help me start preparing for my long haul (half marathon) end of this year.

For now I have photos of the walk which appeared in the newspaper today. The hunk in the black tshirt is my dear hubby.

My Blog Completes its First Year

23 Feb

Happy Birthday,  Blog!

Since we both are obsessed with  Chocolate–Chocolate Bunnies for both of us!! You shouldn’t have eaten the bunny’s butt! Ouch!

Ahem! Now I think, I must finish this bizarre monologue with my blog.

So it is the big day. A year completed and so much as changed. For the better.

It’s quite a possibility that this blog has become my alter ego, the one that encourages, chides, feels joyous, jealous and myriad of emotions that I feel.

I tried to think of different things that I could write for this special post. Juggled a few ideas but they would have looked all too made up. Not true to the spirit of this blog. This was a spontaneous blog and all the posts have been so.  It would not be wrong to say that my hands that typed away on the keypad gave way to my thoughts. My hand guided by my heart. Sometimes when I made myself write something because a lot of time had passed by without a single post, it did not go beyond a few measly lines before I discarded the whole post.

This morning, I wished a few friends of mine who had their birthdays on this very same day. I traced back to a time when we had been together while celebrating this wonderful day in their lives. Today, we live in different parts of the world, not knowing if we would ever get to meet each other again. We have families now and are at different stages of our married lives. I felt sad whilst feeling happy all the same. Why do we celebrate these wonderful milestones in our life. A year older, a year completed – time is of essence here. What it allows for is, time to reflect and understand what has changed for better or for worse. It allows for us to understand the lessons taught, the lessons learned. Going back in time -that is what these special days provide us.

When I started blogging last year,  it acted as a vent to my feelings. Feelings of happiness, sadness, utter confusion, anger, frustration and peace. Earlier, I hadn’t known myself to write anything other than emails ( personal and professional) and essays whilst in school. But this space was my space where people were allowed only when I wanted them in. I could do as I pleased. Write, erase, publish, not publish. Such freedom to express with no strings attached! Isn’t this the kind of relationship, we all crave for, secretly? The blog has been there for me whenever I wanted it to be and gave me comfort when I craved it. It was a one-sided relationship until recognition started pouring in, my blog too got the attention it deserved. I felt happy that a lot of people found some use of this conduit of my thoughts, found comfort and felt like they were a part of my life.

Blog metamorphosed from being a thought outlet, to journalling my travel experiences, my life here in Bahrain, my daughter’s growing years and now my food experiences. It seems like a live being – this blog- growing, shaping, reshaping, learning and unlearning. The potential that it shows is immense and immeasurable. It can grow on to become anything that it likes- much like us. The only ingredients it needs is motivation and big dreams.

This blog wouldn’t be in existence, if it were not for the support of my adorable husband, Amit and my ever inspiring daughter, Anumita. Also, the contribution from my friends and family ( my parents and brother especially) in the form of comments and lovely feedback cannot be discounted. After all even joy needs validation. That kind of validation was provided by all those who read my blog. Thank you all!

‘Slice of my Lyfe‘ gave me the comfort that I needed and so on this special anniversary I am looking to bake something that renders similar comfort and warmth. Nothing fits the bill like a loaf of home-made Whole Wheat Bread. If this comes out successful, it would be my first foray into bread making- an art dreaded even by the best in the business.





Somebody's already picking at it

Care for a slice or two with butter?

So the Verdict is out. The bread was a moderate success. Not as airy and light as I would have liked it to be. If it were not for this blog, I wouldn’t even have dreamt of baking my own bread.  So like I said before, possibilities are endless. For the recipe you can hop over to this bread maker’s blog.


On the final note, all I want to prevail upon is that writing is what helps to clear a cluttered mind, forces you to think, to come up with ways to make a difference in your life and touching others’ as well. It would be wonderful if each one of you who is reading this post should start writing. We would know each other so much better. Nothing else lets us catch up on what the other is doing, like a post from one’s life!





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