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Its a New Beginning

10 Jan

Well, it feels nice to begin writing about the weekly updates again in this promising new year.

Happy New Year from Mimi

I love this picture of hers. Suddenly,  I feel she is all grown up, undestands me well when I speak to her. Though she still talks to me in her baby lingo, it has a lot of emotions,  thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I worry (esp. after my India trip, where everybody made a huge deal out of it) that she isn’t speaking so much. She still manages to say ‘tata’, ‘hi there’, ‘amma’. But when she calls out amma or mamma, I literally feel my heart melt. It is the single biggest joy in the world, hands down.

After the disastrous India trip, it is time to pick up threads from where I left ;- Continue reading

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