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I Love Life Stories

22 Jun

As a Stay-at-Home mom, I do have the privilege of time on my hands every time my baby naps. So, I try to catch up with the Sitcom marathon of Friends, Sex and the City ( yes, I love that one too!) , 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. These days, I am bent upon, obsessively, finishing the 5 seasons of HIMYM. And I must add, I am hooked. I am currently watching the 4th season and I am already sad about the fact that there is just one more season after this. Like all the fantastic sitcoms, this ones a masterpiece too. Beautiful friendship and stories form the core  and make this one so ungiveupable ( if there is such a word but then I know Barney would have appreciated my creativity with words). Continue reading

What my Mims is made of…

22 Jun

You know, I cannot have enough. I just melt.

It’s unbearable and then I have to do it. It like temptation on two legs, rather fours, in this case!

Yea, I am talking about Mimi. When I look at her and her round pudgy, cute little face, her beautiful eyes, and her little tiny hands , I just melt.

When she is crawling on her fours wriggling her bottom she looks so adorable and after crawling four paces she would turn back to look at me, meaning are you not going to follow me/are you looking at what amazing thing I am going to do right now/are you looking at me/ are you not going to stop me, I might fall off the bed !!! It’s then I am shaken up from my reverie and I rush to hold her and stop her from tumbling down. And then she smiles, I just melt. Continue reading

Diff’rent Strokes

16 Jun

I was a big fan of the American Sitcom “Different Strokes” and recall watching it with my kid brother. After many years, I remember this now because of the tragic news of the lead actor of this sitcom Gary Coleman’s early demise.

The sitcom starred Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson and Todd Bridges as his older brother, Willis. They played two African-American children from a poor Harlem neighborhood whose deceased mother previously worked for rich white widower Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain), who eventually adopted them. They lived in a penthouse with Mr. Drummond, his daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato), and their maid.

What struck me about this sitcom was the varied number of issues portrayed in this sitcom including racism, sexual harassment, etc. Yet I found it innocent and funny all the same. My favourite character was that of Arnold’s and my guess is, everybody who watched it would feel the same. There were plenty of lessons to take away after each episode and that made us look forward to more.

Also, whenever I watched the re-run I observed that though the characters of Arnold and Willis were brought up in a white household, they still sounded and behaved like black kids. Maybe they were grown up enough in a black neighbourhood to change. But their White father made no such effort to change them in anyway. I cannot, over here, for obvious reasons quote the behavorial differences but it is something that we have grown up watching on tv. Primarily, White and Black people/kids behave, talk, appear, differently, doesn’t matter what the education background, economical condition.  So Arnold and Willis preserved their “way” through the show. Extrapolating on that thought, brought me to the issue of how should parents coming from different backgrounds  bring their kids up. Continue reading

Lying for Happiness

16 Jun

I have delayed watching this movie for long now. I was supposed to watch it atleast 4 months back but kept postponing it. More for its cast, than anything else. Ricky Gervais isn’t my favourite actor and his sitcom EXTRAS bores me to no end. Though Amit thinks it’s the only straight-faced self-depreciating comedy on TV. Well, such sitcoms are in bad taste, if you ask me. But then to each his own.

Now, Invention of Lying is a cool movie to begin with. Yes it has Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner and both of whom I do not admire too much. They both do a decent job of whats given to them. Ricky Gervais is doing what he does best, that is, acting like a loser. O! for that matter he is the loser in the movie. He lives in this perfect world where people do not lie. They tell the truth no matter how harsh or unfeeling it might be. This kind of environment makes it even more difficult for losers like Ricky Gervais to survive. So when he is fired from his job, evicted from his rented accommodation, rejected by his love interest and despised by the world in general, he feels a rush inside and lies for the first time. Continue reading

Bahrain Blues

7 Jun

Who would have thought we would end up in the middle east? In our life plans, the gulf never figured and I, in particular was careful to steer clear of this geography because being a mallu, there is that indelible tag which binds a mallu and the middle east in an eternal bond. But the it was inevitable that I and my half a mallu offspring had to come to pay homage to this land. My husband, was not too excited as well but then the offer was too tempting to resist considering how it would set his career on track, once and for all.  The other advantages being proximity to India and the likes.

So, here we are. All three of us. Continue reading

A New ME

1 Jun

Ever since the Anumita came to my life.. my philosophies have changed. Temporary or not I can’t tell right now. 

How these changes happened , I do not know but the thinking has changed from more emotional to being practical.

A compulsive spender like me not interested in shopping ( for myself) anymore.

Constantly worrying about saving every penny and looking at ways to cut corners.

Imagining what the future would like if I did took a particular decision and what impact it would have on us

Putting all my priorities behind for my family

Wonder if this NEW ME is going to last for the selfish being that I am. But if I were selfish in the core, would I have changed like this. Why did it take a baby in my life to change me? Is this change for the better,or the best? Should I go back to my old self for Survival’s sake?

OH! now I get it… I was surviving earlier, protecting myself, myself is all I had!!!

Now I feel like living. It is called living when you do it for others.

Sigh! Revelations, how they come?


1 Jun

Scenes, one after the other flash in front of Anandi amma’s eyes, of the days bygone and of the people she had fiercely held close to her heart. Flash they come, flash they go. Her once smooth as butter skin, crinkled, her glorious mane had turned to few wisps of white and the pearls in her mouth, long gone. Gone like the people in her life. Lying on her bed, she stares at the ceiling trying to recollect where she was. Yes, she remembered, not where she was but the place where her fine, gentle-man of a husband took her right after they were married. Corner of eyes, seem to respond to the feeling inside her heart. How happy she felt at the moment. Or was she happy now remembering a time that’s just a memory in her head. Happiness, such a cunning, sly thing, this happiness. Never tells us when its coming or for that matter when it would leave. Always making us pine for it, this cunning thing , this happiness. Continue reading

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