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The Fair-Weather Friend

25 Sep

———————————————————————-Part -1————————————————————————————–

I have a friend with whom I chat atleast few times a week.  She is a great gal whom I have known for long. She too is a new mom and I have plenty to discuss with her. She tells me everything about her life, her husband, her new baby, her in laws, her lows and her highs. I listen to her and sometimes only listen to her. But when the time comes for me to discuss about my problems or anything that I feel I need some advice or guidance from her, she quickly excuses herself and hangs up. I observed this quite a few times but did not think much it.  I simply shrugged and got on with my work. Afterall I know how taxing a life of a new mom can be. We could continue the conversation some other time. But the trend continued and it began to bother me. She was interested as long as I was talking about all the good stuff in my life and the moment I change the cassette to side B, she disappeared from the other end. This botheration turned to a grudge and one day when she rung up, I did not pick up. Somewhere in my heart she was on the “FWF” ( Fair Weather Friend) list. I have compartments in my heart/mind where I put people such as- (ML- catagory)- My Life Catagory which includes my hubby, my daughter , brother and parents. I exist for them, by them and of them. There are many such catagories and lists but discussing them here seems to be outside the purview of the topic decided. Continue reading

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