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The “Overwhelming” Week

29 Nov

A listless week.

Just thinking about it brings about so much self-loathing. That, it has lingered on this week too, worries me. As silly as it may seem, certain things just stay in your sub-conscious. Try as much as you can, involve yourself in the most engaging of activities, but the bother remains and keeps circulating back and forth.

My child isn’t eating well. That is worrying me like a worry no other. She takes a few bites and that’s it. I fail to tempt her with anything, distracting her doesn’t work it either. How she manages to run around the whole day with hardly anything in her system completely escapes me. I clearly see that her weight has dropped and am losing sleep now. Lots of tips from friends and family did motivate me to not lose hope. So I tried to put some tactics to test. One of them was force feeding. I regret it very much. As usual, she kept running around, thwarting all my attempts to get her to take a spoonful. Finally, exasperated, I lay her down on the couch and force fed her. She cried and cried. Choked some. But cried so much. I lost my cool completely and shouted my top off at her. She was shocked and I saw something resembling fear in her eyes. But I was too sullen to comfort her. Since Amit was there too, he quickly picked her up and tried to distract her. She kept looking back at me with tears streaming down her eyes. That look on her face, I shall never forget. She almost immediately slept on my lap. Looking at her serene face , I could not control my tears. I wept and wept but it wouldn’t make me feel better. I hurt her with my anger and nothing is going to compensate for it. I decided, at that very moment, that this would be the last time I would ever raise my voice at her. If I had been persistent enough and calmly made attempts to make her eat, she would have had some for sure. But by getting angry, I ensured that she did not eat anything at all. I hope to look back at this incident each time I get angry or upset with her. It was an important lesson learnt. Continue reading

Restaurant Reveiw Project 4- Zayt Zaytoon

28 Nov

I believe there are two kinds of food. Food that needs to be savoured and the flavour enjoyed. This is the kind of food that demands delicate chewing, tiny bits on fork pieces and then you take  a break to  think about the taste, the aroma, the ingredients.

.Japanese, European cuisine such as French fall in this category. Continue reading

The “Eid” Week

22 Nov

Potentially, this had to be the most productive week of all. I had been looking forward to write about it even before the week had started. It was the Eid Holiday week and we had so many things planned out. We were going site seeing, then there was my restaurant review, dinner invites and lots of other goodies. Sunday and Monday were spent planning and theorising the who vacation. I did know that we wouldn’t be able to pull off the entire plan  as it was  a bit over ambitious. Monday, Mimi & I did a lot of masti. I did her hair in various styles but none would stay. She was a good sport about it. She also has started saying ‘Hi There’ to everybody she meets. People are genuinely surprised when they hear her say this. I think its terribly cute. Continue reading

Restaurant Review 3- Ching

20 Nov

Chinese used to my favourite cuisine until I had the opportunity to sample Japanese. Since then I turned my loyalty towards Japanese and completely ignored my first love.  But when we took a trip to Seef mall two weeks back and saw this beautiful Chinese restaurant called Ching, I was enamoured. It was so beautiful that I had to go and dine there. So I decided to do Ching as a part of my restaurant review project. Hmmm.. that’s a decent name for my project – Restaurant Review Project (RRP). So now my project isn’t untitled anymore…

The first word that came to my mind when I entered Ching was Razz-matazz. That word since then has stuck on. The whole place was done in a Black and Red. Typical you may say of a Chinese Restaurant, but  this was really a shiny one with no dragon pictures painted on walls (thank God). The lights just make you feel like you are at an Indian Wedding. I loved it.

Ching is located on the first floor of Seef Mall (Seef District, Bahrain) Continue reading

The ‘Smooth’ Week

14 Nov

I have to admit this, since the time I started this weekly post business, I have had a more fulfilling time each passing week. It could be that, because I have to write about it, I am forced to think about spending my time throughout the week in  a more creative manner. But this has had a very positive impact on my life and life of my family. We do a variety of things, capture those moments, think and mull about them later. It’s exactly like in office where you have to write reports after the end of an assignment and be accountable for it. But this is definitely more fun than writing office reports. Continue reading

Restaurant Review 2- Gujarati Vegetarian Restaurant

13 Nov

Don’t be surprised, that’s the name of the restaurant- Gujarati Vegetarian Restaurant. Very little imagination made use of here. To the point and exact like Gujaratis themselves. “Seedhi Seedhi vaat karwani!!” Straight forward and simple in their talk and action.

I felt that the word ‘vegetarian’ wasn’t needed at all. Gujarat, Gujarati food, Gujarati food makers will always remain vegetarian. Yes, I am stereotyping but isn’t that what makes them so special. I have met two kinds of people who hold absolutely opposite views about Gujarati food. Either they are bonkers about it ( like me) or they hate the sight of meethi dal ( sweet dal)!! Being brought up in Gujarat my taste buds are well acquainted to Gujarati gastronomical offerings. So my enthusiasm could hardly be kept in bounds when we planned this trip to Manama’s Gujarati Vegetarian Restaurant. It is very close to the Manama Temple and the Yateem Center. Namit, again gave us a ride to the bustling heart of the city but to our surprise it was quite desolate. Friday isn’t the best of times to visit this part of the city, since all the shops and establishments are closed. I had skipped breakfast ( which is a terrible thing to do) in order to binge on the Gujju delights. We reached there by 1:30 pm and found it pretty crowded. Continue reading

Restaurant Review 1- Jim’s

9 Nov

When I took up this assignment of doing restaurant reviews, little did I know it was going to be so tough. I waged a war inside my head thinking of ways to start the review. Until this very moment am absolutely unsure about the purpose of this assignment, how am I going to do this review, will it do anybody any good, even me? But to finish what I have started remains in my heart as the prime motive and I intend to go through with it.

With this skeptical note, I hereby declare my untitled project of restaurant reviews open. Continue reading

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