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Apple tarts for ordinary days and a poll

12 Mar

All of us remember special days – birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and personal triumph days such as promotions etc ( its been long since I have celebrated that one!). I try and celebrate the ordinariness of each day. It gives me a special high. I try to have a special sort of breakfast or dinner or snack since its super fun to share on instagram, Facebook and twitter. People respond to my attempts to celebrate ordinariness which makes all the effort well worth it. That is why I am so glad that social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram are around which make our daily routine stories sound fancy thereby giving us the strength to get past each day.


There is a lot of criticism concerning these social media platforms where several people (including my husband) think that this culture of over-sharing is overbearing.  I agree to a certain extent but all in all I feel it has brought us closer as a community – of like minded people, friends, supporters etc.

Digital Media has got me so interested that the pros vs cons war doesn’t bother me. Like they say, you can love it, you can hate it, but you cannot ignore it. Social media is here to stay and its evolving and adapting to real life as I write this post. Soon there will be a time when there wouldn’t be any distinction between the real and the virtual life. Scary? Exciting?

What are your thoughts on it. Social media – love it? hate it?

Take this small poll for fun and it will tell me how many of us think social media is amazing and the single biggest invention after the world wide web and how many think that it is a high risk infection that needs to be stopped via a new antidote or vaccine!

Well apart from all the digital media debate on this post, I have a warm and a sunny apple tart recipe to share.

AT2This recipe is the easiest and absolutely no-fuss. The last traces of the good weather are leaving Bahrain and summer is setting in. I am not exactly ready for summer and continue to hold to my fall/winter/spring mode. The baked apple tarts is my way of expressing weather -related withdrawal symptoms.

AT3What is it about the cinnamon and apple combination that is so heavenly! Pair it in tarts or cakes or muffins with strusel, it just creates that quiet corner of heaven when you are eating them. I served warm these tarts with simple and the understated vanilla ice cream – symbolic of the receding winters and the entering summers.

The recipe has been inspired from here and the recipe card for the detailed recipe is below.


Now bringing the discussion back to social media and the impact it has on our lives these days.I feel moderation is the key. I feel we have control over what part of ourselves we want to put out there for the unknown world to see. Ofcourse that balance comes through trial and error. As a blogger, I have realized that like – minded people connect when they read what I post is relevant to their lives. For that I post stuff about my life which I don’t mind sharing. It is also heartening when people come and validate that they feel the same, given a situation. For me personally, being a part of such an online community has been inspiring and each day I learn a lot which I then apply to my real life. Hence, I do not mind declaring that I am social media- happy and would continue my trysts in this medium.

Do you feel the same?

#SpiceLove on Twitter and Facebook

17 Mar

A few weeks ago, I had some guests coming for dinner. I immersed myself in the task of preparing their meal. That involved getting my hands dirty with a lot of spices in my pantry. Some of the spices that made their way into the meal inspired me to write something quirky about them. Soon enough, I realized I was having a blast with it on twitter. I got plenty of Retweets and appreciating tweets about the same. So I took the #spicelove to Facebook and put them up as status updates. My friends felt that I might have got up on the wrong side of the bed since I was updating my status every half hour. But that day was extraordinary as I felt a compulsive need to show how much spices meant to me by drawing analogies with real life.

Those status updates/tweets were:

1. Cinnamon is a clever spice. It creates an illusion of sweetness as would a veiled woman of being beautiful. #spicelove

The kind of response  I got was fantastic. One of my friends added to this by writing ” Cinnamon is the sultry dancer waiting in the wings but when she struts her stuff , everyone knows”

2. A Clove is not shy. It is outspoken and dares to challenge other flavours for a debate like an Independent Presidential Campaigner #spicelove

One of  my friends sent me a video link that featured a stand up act by UK’s Micheal McIntyre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvi0ZLEHj3A. It is so so funny. You have to watch it. It centers around a conversations that spices have with each other in a pantry.

3.  A Nutmeg is like that guy at the back of the class who never takes notes. Like him, the flavour of the nutmeg needs to be cornered, prodded and appreciated to show its true colours #spicelove

The nutmeg tweet triggered a Mace one –  mace, its cousin (javithri in Hindi) it’s like the kid who went a little wild because nutmeg started to shine and decided to become a spray to defend the girls

4. A Cardamom is like a quivering virgin. #enoughsaid #spicelove

The garnered the most number of sly responses both on FB and twitter. 

5. Salt & Pepper are like the soul mates I knew once.They travel the vast foodlands together, bringing alive the blandest of scapes. #spicelove

I quite enjoyed doing this series. I would love it if you feel inspired to start one of your own. If you do, tag me or mention me on Facebook so that I can catch up. I would love to read your ideas about what these spices mean to you. Meanwhile if you are feeling spontaneous then you can write about it in the comments!

For CSAawareness- Coping and Moving On

25 Apr

This post is a part of  the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month initiative started by some fantastic souls I met on Twitter.  I have to extend my heart-felt appreciation to the CSA team who have relentlessly advocated this noble cause with unmatched passion and zeal. Through CSA team’s effort, I have realized and understood so much about my own behavioural aspects as a result of some untoward incidents that occurred when I was younger.

I read through numerous stories on  CSA blog  that each survivor has so bravely managed to convey. Each such story strikes a chord and somewhere I relive my unsure and unhappy moments with them.  When I was asked to submit a post for this cause, I went through many a sleepless nights. However hard I tried, I couldn’t remove the thought from my head and it kept coming back to me. I kept questioning, if only writing about it and talking about it would do any good?  That’s when my daughter came prancing around on her ballet toes and I decided to do this post.

Unsavoury events in the past have probably done a lot to turn me into the person that I am today. But it is only today that we discuss these issues more openly, with reason and empathy. When I was a child, I believe it was a taboo to discuss “such” things. As a consequence, inspite of a very supportive family it wasn’t possible to come forth to discuss, or atleast I believed so. Now when I sit back and think, as a child an unkind word, a rude gesture or a mal-intentioned touch were all slotted in the same category. It is difficult to distinguish one bad feeling from the other. While, as a child, I didn’t run to complain to my parents when my classmate pushed me to the ground for no fault of mine, I couldn’t or didn’t feel the need to rush and tell them about any other kind of issues I faced within the school or outside, even if it was sexual or intimidating in nature. It was much easier to either fight my battle OR  submit at times and then try to forget about it.

Over a period of time, as I grew up into a teenager, it was made evidently clear from discussions with friends, parents and teachers that it was completely fine to come up and discuss your grievances. During one such unsavoury incident, I understood a vital truth that even if you bravely went and spoke about your infliction, people ( read teachers and others) were more interested in the voyeuristic listening pleasure of details of the incident. When this revelation came to me, I immediately closed doors and decided to not let ANYONE have the pleasure of listening to my woes and convert it into a sensational gossip to discuss in their free time. As a result of this treatment, I quickly changed tracks and became the reserved person that I am.  People who think that they know me may laugh when I say this because, I might the one who sang the loudest at the back benches of the class, the one who participated in every competition, debates alike. But inside, I knew a constant turmoil that rendered it impossible to let my emotions out easily.

Because these incidents left an indelible imprint on my mind really early on, I was always on high alert, constantly gauging my environment and those within it. Nobody needed to teach me the proper way to sit, stand or behave as I was already conscious about my body and had a specific idea about how I needed to project myself.  As a young adult, I learnt to cope with these feelings of guilt and confusion by diving deep into creative projects. I played competitive sports, took dance lessons, exercised till there was no energy to carry on. This vigorous physical exertion made sure my mind was far from all the negative feelings that tried to creep up on me. But sometimes during the lowest points of my life, I have struggled to see the bright side of life and felt the demons rise again. I grappled and fought them till they were quelled again. In my own experience, there is actually no closure ever because memory seeks to find it from the deepest recesses in our most vulnerable moments. Even if  you confront your abuser it may or may not lead to any kind of closure inside your heart.

But I can confidently say, it is possible to slay these demons by always being CREATIVE- trying to learn something new, being true to yourself, and being optimistic about life in general. When I found it extremely difficult to handle my emotions I sought refuge in courses such as Art of Living and reading inspirational books. I also indulged in activities like baking, painting and martial arts such as krav maga. PHYSICAL EXERTION or building physical endurance made sure I felt confident about myself and able to come out of my body image issues. BLOGGING or expression via the written word has helped me de-clutter and de-stress the most. I never thought I would be able to vent out my emotions so easily post after post. But that I can, validates that all those who have problems with expressing their feelings would find it very therapeutic. This form of expression I discovered only recently and boy! am I glad that I found it.

This positive outlook has helped me cope with my feelings of anger towards my perpetrators.

Many times I have wondered why I took the decision to take a break from work and be at home with my daughter. The obvious reasons are that I want to see her grow and be around to be a witness to each of her accomplishments. I am eager to get back to work, but in my heart I know, I am not giving my best to the cause. Lot of thought and I realize somewhere I am scared to leave my daughter with strangers, when I go to work. I have to be around to protect her and her interests. Subconscious makes sure you do what you got to do.

But it is a  fallacy because I am not going to be around her all the time. All I can do is to equip my daughter with the right tools for life and to trust her instinct. To be able to stand up for herself and say no. To have the confidence to seek help in case the situation becomes difficult to handle. I for a fact, would always keep an open channel of communication with her right from the start. I would be around her as much as possible to keep her safe. After I read through most of the posts on the CSA blog, I have learnt so much about how important it is to earn my daughter’s trust and not take it for granted that she would turn to me when faced by a situation.

On a final note, it would have been easy for me to blame my bitter experiences on my guardians and feel resigned for the rest of my life. It was easier  an option to blame them but I know for a fact that they stood up for me whenever  they could whether it was about confronting an abuser  or reprimanding an eve teaser. It was still up to me to find my inner strength and move on. I wish and hope that each one of us who had the misfortune of being abused finds something  worthwhile that we can hold on to, get up, and move on.

This is my 100th post and I wanted it to be special. I am glad that it was for this important cause. Thank you CSA team for letting me contribute.

My Old Lover- Rehashed

4 Dec

I thought I was over him. I thought it was a done deal. We had parted ways. Quietly.

I thought my loyalties were divided now. He did not have any more to give.  The relationship dragged and then died a natural death.

Until I came across him on twitter. Curious, I decided to follow  him.  It was then I realized that I still was as fond of him as I was ever before. He charmed me again and again with his witty little stories, anecdotes and most importantly, lessons of life. He taught me not only  to learn from other people’s mistakes but also to make my own. He taught how important it is follow your dream and to follow your heart. ( though am still lost in that area)!

This is why I have fallen in love with him all over again. Continue reading

The ‘Not-Quite-There’ Week

1 Nov

Tsk Tsk…

Thats all I can say about the week that went by. It showed so much promise but couldn’t hold up the expectations. Sometimes you do all that you can yet you don’t quite get there. It leaves you with a sense of loss, a sense of nonchalance, bitter-sweet musings. It was supposed to be high on festivity and other kind of spirits but it just wouldn’t match up. It dragged.

Karvachauth tuesday showed promise as the Monday & Sunday were less than wonderous. Karvachauth – A festival where a wife fasts for the long life of her husband, his good health and prosperity. You are not supposed to eat or drink until you sight the moon in the evening sky. Traditionally it requires the wife to apply Mehendi /Henna in her hands, be decked up in everything red from head to toe, exchange of gifts between the Mother-in-law & daughter-in -law, and gifts from her hubby. Continue reading

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